3 New Photo Albums

I took the kids to a new park here in town to play, we had a blast.

From A Day at the Park with Daddy

Kristee and I both got to go with Halee’s class on a field trip to Cox Farms pumpkin patch. It was really cool to see Halee and all her friends from her school and how she gets along with them.

From Halee’s Pumpkin Patch Field Trip

We went with Kristee down to the Haysville Fall Festival and got to do some fun things there. Unfortunately my camera’s battery ran out and I only got a few photos.

From Haysville Fall Festival
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2 New Photo Albums

Halee and Gavin got invited to a birthday party at the bowling alley. This was their first time bowling and both of them had a blast. It was cosmo bowling which is why a lot of the photos were dark. Also you will notice at the end of the album when the kids got to meet Tigger Halee was fine with saying hi to him. She has usually always been scared of the big characters, maybe she is getting over the fear a little.

From 1st Time Bowling

The kids and I got to go to the zoo this past weekend with some friends of ours. They loved going to the zoo and seeing all the cool animals. We even got to see come monkeys play fighting all over their cage and the kids thought that was hilarious.  I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with kids, and all the kids wanted to pull the wagon, but they didn’t mind riding either.

From Trip to the Zoo with Friends
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Loving School

I got to take the kids to school today.  I have several Mondays since I don’t work the night before.  But they really are both doing well in school and really enjoying it a lot.  It feels so good to have your kids happy to go to school.  I dropped Halee off first this morning and walked her in and helped put her stuff away and then to her seat she gave me a big hug and then sat down.  I gave her a big smile and blew her a kiss as I walked out the door and she smiled and then looked like she was going to start talking to one of her friends.  Man, it is awesome to see that. 

After dropping Halee off I took Gavin to his room and we had to do his routine of going to the bathroom, but when I left I was able to give him a hug and kiss and left.  They have a camera at the door that the kids can look at and I waved as I walked out and then he can run to the window and watch me walk down the side walk to the car.  I really think he likes being able to do that and wave to me as I am walking away. 

Both Kristee and I are extremely happy with the school that they are in and are really glad we made the decision to put the kids in school there.  Whether or not they stay there another year hasn’t been decided, but I know Kristee and I would like to put them in the public school, when they can both go all day. 

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2008 Flood Photos and Others

Here are photos that I took outside of the flood creek behind our house.  It gave me a chance to mess around with my new camera, bought a Canon 870 IS, I nice pocket camera to take more photos of the kids. I know that I miss out on quite a few since we quit using our old one. Anyways most of the photos are of the flooded area, but I also took some shots of Halee outside. Some pretty good ones if you ask me.

Below the main slideshow, (which is also a link to the actual photos on picasa) is more links to other photos that I found on Kristee’s phone. Some are from Gavin’s class events at Discovery Place and the most recent is from his trip to see Veggie Tales with his class.

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1st Full Week of School

This kids had their first full week of school this past week. From what I have gotten them to tell me about school, they are really enjoying their new school. They both have said that they have made several new friends and are loving their teachers. They are both doing good being dropped off according to Kristee. They did have a couple of crying times last week, but I think they have been fine being dropped off this entire week.

Halee has memorized her first Bible verse this week and does and awesome job of saying it. Genesis 1:1 “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” It is really exciting to hear her say it. She has also continued learning her letters.

Gavin has been doing little projects and learning his numbers. He made a “wave in a bottle”. He was pretty proud of it. When I say he has been learning his numbers I mean that he has been learning to write his numbers. He says that he has had a fun time playing with his friends.

It hasn’t been the greatest for me, because I really don’t get to see the kids till the weekends. I do talk to them on the phone over lunch at work, but it is pretty quick since they are headed to bed. Plus talking to them on the phone is just not the same was seeing them. Eventually I hope that this changes, but we will make do for now.

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Ears Pierced

Well since we have been up here in Kansas City Halee has been wanting to get her ears pierced while we were up here. We made her think about it overnight, but she woke up this morning still wanting to get them done.

The only thing that worried her was that it might hurt. I told her that it doesn’t hurt to get them pierced and I think that helped out a little bit. She wasn’t at all nervous and didn’t cry at all and re lady that did them said that most girls her age are extremely nervous and usually cry. She did get a look of shock after feeling the first one go in. After she was done she said that it didn’t hurt at all which is awesome! Kristee on the other hand was extremely nervous about getting them done.

She looks extremey cute with her little ears pierced. She got little diamond starter earrings. (Actually cz). She is really excited to have gotten them done. She kept saying, I can’t believe that I got pierced ears.

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