iHalee and iGavin

iHalee and iGavin from Josh Metts on Vimeo.

I found this footage on my camera when I was downloading other video and discovered that Gavin and Halee both decided to try and be like iCarly. There were a couple of times during their shooting that disaster could have occurred with the camera, but thank goodness it didn't. Might have to look into getting them a flip camera.

Found this footage as I was importing other footage from the camera.  Looks like they were trying to produce a show like iCarly.  I tried to edit it down some, despite them using my camera without me knowing it, I thought it was pretty funny stuff.  Looks like I might need to invest in a flip or kodak video camera for them to play with so that my nice one doesn’t get messed up.

UPDATE: Exposureroom went under, am moving everything to vimeo.

On a side note I am looking at using this new video hosting site exposureroom.com for hosting my videos.  It’s free, quality looks awesome.  They give so much control I love it so far.  I guess only time will tell.

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Field Day 2010

1st place: Sprint Race
1st place: Softball Throw
1st place: Scooter Race
2nd place: Obstacle Course
2nd place: Musical Chairs
3rd place: Balancing on One Foot

1st place: Sprint Race
1st place: Basketball Shot
2nd place: Golf ball Race with Spoon
3rd place: Scooter Race

We are so proud of all that they do. They did an awesome job at field day. Hope to have the video put together soon.

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My Great Dad

Halee wrote this last week as a part of not letting the Dad’s feel left out of Mother’s day since they aren’t going to be in school during Father’s Day. I thought it was really awesome, and she knows her daddy!!! Not going to lie got me a little choked up!! I am so blessed with 2 wonderful kids who I love and cherish!

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I’m A Chrisitian

Both Halee and Gavin have really been interested in what it means to be a Christian lately. With as much as we talk about Jesus and God around our house it is no doubt why. With Easter finishing last weekend, we had a couple of baptisms on Easter Sunday, which brought up even more questions.

We have been talking off and on with them for the past few weeks, and both kids responded with I’m already a Christian because I believe in Jesus. One thing that has always been important to me for the kids is that they make the decision on their own and without us persuading them. I wanted to make sure that they understood what it meant to accept Christ as their savior and to fully understand (what they can at their age) about sin.

Sunday night both kids asked when they could get baptized. I sat with them individually and talked about it and asked them if they wanted to pray to accept Jesus into their life. They both wanted to and I felt like they both have an understanding of what it all means. I am so excited about them making this decision in their life and realizing the importance of it. They were both excited and the next morning Halee yelled down to Nana, “I’m a Christian!!”

My biggest prayer for them has always been that they will grow up making God the center of their life. I also pray that Kristee and I will be parents that always point them to God in everything that they do. I pray the they grow up to not only be Christian but leaders for Christ in this lost world.

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Halee got $20 for her birthday and was speechless. The funny thing is that after she got it, she went to tell Gavin about it and he said, “So, do I care?” Didn’t get that part on video.

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I Just Ate It!!

Halee got some sort of a peanut butter cookie thing at school and brought some home to share but more importantly to her she wanted to show momma. She was hoping that Kristee would be able to tell what it was so that they could make some. We weren’t in the door but for about 2 minutes and Halee gave me a small bite to eat and then ate the rest of it herself. A couple more minutes passed and she looked at me and said, “Ahhh, I ate it all!!” I said what forgetting about the cookie and she said, “The cookie I was going to show momma!” Wow kids crack me up with what they come up with.

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Faith Like a Child

Halee is sick today so she stayed at the office with Kristee. I got off work then went and picked Halee up and then Gavin from school. On the way home Halee fell asleep and Gavin said to me that he was going to say a prayer for him right then. I wanted to share his prayer.

“God I want to pray for Halee because she is not feeling well, help her get better so she can do stuff and go to school because I had fun at school. God heal her with your Powerful Hand and make her better. In Jesus name Amen.”

This is one area I know that all of us could have some help in. Like the Bible says, “we are to have the faith of a child”. It is so powerful to hear Gavin who is 5 have this tremendous amount of faith in God and who He is.

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I got to talking with both kids this morning on the way to school about what it meant to accept Jesus into your life. We were listening to Way (local christian station) and a song talked about the Holy Spirit and Gavin asked what was the Holy Spirit. I shared with him that we accept Jesus as our Savior and the Holy Spirit lives within us. (That led to all kinds of questions) The conversation eventually got to being baptized and Gavin kept saying bathtized, which in all honesty makes sense. He cracks me up with what he comes up with.

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