Gavin’s Breakup

Gavin was in the back seat describing his “ex-girlfriend” to Halee. She apparently is a 3rd grader.

I asked “what are you talking about?”
Gavin replied, “oh my ex-girlfriend”
I said, “what happened?”
Gavin, “we broke up.”
Me “did she know you were together?”
Gavin “no, (with a giggle)”

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It Might Snow

Gavin walked in dead serious and said, “It might snow tomorrow.”

Kristee and I said, “what?”

He said, “it might snow tomorrow.”

“where did you hear that from?”

(Gavin) “I just prayed about it!”

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“Sin Both”

Apparently sometime yesterday Gavin for some reason decided it would be fun to use a marker and draw on the wood door going into the garage.  This morning Kristee asked him to clean off the door after school this afternoon.  In which we started asking him why did he even do that to begin with.  He said, “I don’t know I just did.”  Somewhere during the conversation he said that he just wanted to tell the truth about doing it because it didn’t want to “sin both”.  (I am guessing sin twice, is what he meant) Well at least he recognizes what he did was wrong.

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iHalee and iGavin

iHalee and iGavin from Josh Metts on Vimeo.

I found this footage on my camera when I was downloading other video and discovered that Gavin and Halee both decided to try and be like iCarly. There were a couple of times during their shooting that disaster could have occurred with the camera, but thank goodness it didn't. Might have to look into getting them a flip camera.

Found this footage as I was importing other footage from the camera.  Looks like they were trying to produce a show like iCarly.  I tried to edit it down some, despite them using my camera without me knowing it, I thought it was pretty funny stuff.  Looks like I might need to invest in a flip or kodak video camera for them to play with so that my nice one doesn’t get messed up.

UPDATE: Exposureroom went under, am moving everything to vimeo.

On a side note I am looking at using this new video hosting site for hosting my videos.  It’s free, quality looks awesome.  They give so much control I love it so far.  I guess only time will tell.

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