House for Sale

Our house is officially onsale now.  We got all the photos of the interior along with photos taken for the visual tour that is going to be on the sale page that people will see on the internet.  We hope and pray that we will get some interest in our home and also have it at the right time.  Kristee has started her last trimester and will be finishing around early December.  The ideal situation would be for us to get it under contract, but have both parties willing to wait till the end of November.  It might just be a situation in which we will sell even if they have to move in earlier.  (Can’t just pass up on someone, especially if they are willing to pay what we are asking.)  Continue to pray for us during this time of transition again.  Now that we have the house on the market we can put all of our focus on finding the place for our practice and we know that we need to get it going.  All thoughts and prayers are greatly appreciated!!

Once the webpage is all set up I post a link to our listing.

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Website Updated

With the release of the new iWeb for iLife ’08 I have made a few little changes to the website. Although it will look mostly the same there are some little changes.

The Photos section is very different now and will require you to resubscribe to the photos feed if you were getting it before. There is a index page of all the photos that look like photo albums. There is a new thing that you can do and that is move you mouse across the top of each photo book and it will show you what photos are in that photo album without having to open it. Also when you click on the photo album you want to view the page will look a little different than usual, but not much. The play slideshow button is placed better. As for the slideshows they are awesome, Apple really made a huge improvement on how the slideshows look. It is hard to describe, but I can make the slideshow go full screen and make the background what color I want. They look a lot more professional that the old ones. Just check them out and you will see what I am saying. Ignore the subscribe button on the individual photo pages the only one that matters is the index page.

Having said all that about the photos, you may remember me saying that I was only going to post to Picasa and not to the photos section any more. As of right now I am still going to only post to Picasa, unless I can figure out why it is taking so long to load the photos’ index page. It seems to take forever for the photos index page to load on my computer and connection, and I don’t have a bad connection or computer. It may have to do with the amount of photo albums that I have on the page. But there doesn’t seem to be a way to break them up as of yet. I am one who hates waiting on a slow page to load, now a days things should be fast and I don’t want people to navigate away because it takes forever. If you guys see that it loads slow or it loads fast for you let me know, I would like to hear feedback about it. As I said before I will not be posting any more photos to the page until I can figure out how to make the page load faster.

The other big change that you will notice is in the videos. Either I overlooked this before or it was just added to the latest version, I can make the videos appear as big as I want them to appear rather than that puny little video size that was there before. As of right now I have only change about 7 of the latest videos to the larger size which makes viewing them a lot better. I may or may not go through and change the rest of them. (there are a lot to change.) But I will be making all the videos from here on out this size. Let me know if you like the new video size, does it need to be bigger? Let me know, I can do whatever size the browser can handle. As far as the video feed is concerned you may want to update it, too it may have change just slightly. I plan on making sure the video feed for itunes is updated too.

Hopefully this will make for a better browsing experience.



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It’s Snowing, Again!!

Right now it is snowing outside and you see nothing but white, everything is covered. I don’t mind that the high today was 14 degrees because it has been snowing all day long, and on top of it all it is sticking to the ground. They are saying that we are suppose to be getting close to 8 inches of snow by the time it has stopped tomorrow. I plan on taking the kids out to play in the snow and go do a little sledding, hopefully the kids will really enjoy it. I know that Halee really looks forward to going outside and playing in the snow. I actually hope that it snows a little more than that, but I also hope that it doesn’t snow so much that it cancels Kristee’s class tomorrow. She is in the middle of taking her finals and doesn’t want to have to make any of them up if they get cancelled at all. Anyways, I just wanted to let all of you that don’t get snow and like snow, that we are getting a lot and loving every minute of it!!!

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It’s Snowing!!

I can’t believe that just last week we were outside playing in shorts and short sleeve shirts. Right now it is snowing some of the biggest flakes I have seen. Nothing is sticking to the ground as of yet, but it is a sign of winter just around the corner. It is 36 degrees outside and snowing. I am not the biggest fan of cold temperatures unless it is snowing, the snow just makes it worth it. It makes it even better when it starts piling up on the ground so that the kids and I can go and play in the snow. Both kids are now of the age in which we can have a lot of fun playing in the snow. Hopefully being a little further north than Wichita we will get more snow. I absolutely love snow!!!

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Happy 4th!!!

We just got home from Wichita a little bit ago and it sounds like a war is going on outside. I just thought I would write a quick Happy 4th of July. I will probably write more tomorrow about what we did and everything, but I am extremely tired. I have had an extremely fun and very tiring day. More tomorrow…

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