Body Surfing Typhoon Lagoon

While on our recent trip to Disney World, I finally got a chance to go to Typhoon Lagoon. I have wanted to go to this water park since it opened when I was a teenager, all for one reason, the surf wave at the wave pool. This wave was incredible, wish I could have had a board, but am glad I was able to at least body surf. I could spend the entire day just riding this wave and not doing anything else in the park, it was awesome!!!
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Hi Suga!!

This is Halee doing an imitation of her great grandparents when she got to visit them this past week. It apparently stuck out in her mind. I had asked if they enjoyed seeing their great grandparents and this was what she said. I could have sworn it was grandmama saying it.
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New Photo Albums

I have uploaded a couple of new photo albums to picasa. The 1st one is of 4th of July. We went out to the cabin and did a little jet skiing and setting off fireworks. I also took some video that that will be put together hopefully soon. We had a lot of fun. The 2nd photo album was from our trip to the zoo yesterday. We got to go with Titus, Kami and Nana. It was a lot of fun and we got to see the new Tiger exhibit which was awesome!! Halee did get a little scared of the petting zoo when the sheep swarmed us for food, but she got over it. I also discovered the color accent feature of our point and shoot camera and had some fun with it. Enjoy the photos!!

4th of July 2009

Zoo Day July 2009
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New Photos Albums

I have posted 2 new albums to Picasa.  We took a trip out to Westcliffe, Co for some friends’ wedding.  I separated what was taken for the wedding and what I shot while site seeing.  The first one is from the Wedding.  The kid’s look incredible and you can’t beat the background that we got to shoot photos in.

From Andrew & Stevie’s Wedding

The majority of the second set were taken at Pikes Peak outside of Colorado Springs.

From Trip to Colorado June 2009
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Halee on Bike

This time Halee, but got sent in portrait mode, must matter which way you hold it when you send it to youtube.

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Wrapping Up Swim Lessons

Tomorrow will be the kids last swim lessons at least for now. They have both done really good. I have been really pleased with their progression. I will have to shoot some video of them swimming with the techniques that they learned over the past couple of weeks. I am excited to be able to continue to work with them and keep them on the road to learning to swim.

The big thing that they need to learn is that they need to get use to keeping their legs up in the water, they tend to let their legs drop in the water. I know they will pick it up pretty soon, it is only a matter of time.

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