Youtube Addiction

Tonight I was tucking Kylee into bed and we did our usual bed-time prayer together. Usually when we pray I pray first and then she prays. Her prayers have been getting better in the sense that she is not repeating the same thing every night. But tonight she closed her prayer with a very unique ending that I had never heard anyone close with before. I believe it is something that might be a little eye opening to her use of her iPad especially along with the previous post.

You know that your 3 year old watches far too many youtube videos when she closes her prayer with, “If you liked my video please comment below.” Amen!!

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Kylee’s Question About Heaven

Tonight during prayer time with Kylee she prayed and thanked Jesus for dying in the cross. Now this is the first time that I have heard her pray that specifically.

As I was exiting the room she paused me to ask a question like she normally does, to delay going to sleep. She asked why Jesus died on the cross and I talked to her about sin for a 3 year old. Then that led to talking about heaven. During that explanation it led us down the road of the fact that Jesus is going to return and take us to heaven one day.

Then she posed the question that caught me completely off guard. Dad, “Will I be able to take my ipad to heaven?”

Well it appears we might have bigger obsession issues with the ipad than I thought. I could not help but laugh. The things kids come up with.

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Kylee Rejection

Today both Kristee and I both experienced a rejection from Kylee.

The first one came when I neede to pick her up from Kamra’s house. Usually Kamra drops her off at the house after picking up her kids, but today due to a meeting I couln’t pick her up until close to 5:45 pm. That means she had been hanging out with her cousins for most of the afternoon. I walked in and she was sitting around the table with the other kids and she was eating dinner. She leaned away from me and gave me a death stare. She was mad. She looked at me and told me to go away. She did not want to go with me at all. She made it very clear several times that she wanted me to leave without her so that she could hang with her cousins and aunt.

Kristee picked her up from childcare tonight at church about 15 minutes early. She was sitting around the table playing with playdough, her favorite thing. She did the exact same thing to Kristee. She leaned away, gave her the look and told her to come back later. She wasn’t happy because they had not had snacks yet. The teachers even tried to help telling her that she would probably have better snacks when she got home, but she wasn’t hearing it. Kylee still wanted Kristee to just come back later.

She is quite the independent little girl. I just have to laugh at her response to the both of us. She was rude acting there is no doubt about it, but it was cute, at least at this age.

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Kylee the Thief

Another incident happened today after being rejected when I was picking her up. I had finally convinced her to come with me and was trying to get her to put her shoes on so that we could leave. She had this little purple spikey ball that apparently did not belong to her. She placed it in one of her shoes and then worked to get her foot in with this little ball under her foot. It took her a little while but she got it in there hidden. Then she walked before putting on her other shoe and was walking funny, obviously. She sat down to put on the other shoe and I told Kamra that I think she was trying to get away with the little spikey ball that she must have gotten from one of the kids.

Again, not good, but too cute when she is that little, but it is amazing how such a little girl thinks she needs to hide something to get away with it. Honestly a little scary for this dad.

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Difference in Life Stage

Today, being Monday I work from home so that I can take care of Kylee. I use to take her to work with me and work in the nursery at the church. It became evident quite fast that I was going to need to do something different once she started being able to open doors and go where she wanted. Things have been working out a lot better for the both of us to be able to be at home during the day. Kylee does take a much longer nap that is still much needed at her age here at home. At the church it was a struggle to even get her down to take a nap.

This evening I was taking Halee out to WSU for her oboe lesson and we were talking a little the way back home, as we were talking I had one of those moments that may be hard to describe. It was a facing reality of the life changes that we are going through at this stage in life. There was an issue with her phone that I for some reason was not able to figure out. I took it to Verizon to see if they would be able to help and the guy helping me asked a question that prompted this thought that it me later on. He asked, “How old is your daughter that locked up her phone?” After a quick thought I said, “13”. At that point in the store I just laughed, but then as we were driving and talking about friends at school it hit me. (On a side note Verizon wasn’t going to be able to help the way that I wanted, got back home and had one more thing that I hadn’t thought about and we got it resolved fortunately.)

Spending the day with a 2 year old and going through everything that she is going through at her age, then turning around and spending some time with a 13 year old made me think of just how blessed I am. There are still times when I am amazed that we have Kylee, when Kristee and I were both at the place in life in which we were good with just 2 kids. As we drove and these thoughts of just how drastic the difference in life changes that my 2 daughters and son are going through all at the same time is absolutely wild. I am so grateful for God blessing us with a 3rd child, even though she gets into everything and very much wants her way. I am amazed daily at both Halee and Gavin as they are into and approaching their teenage years.

I thank God everyday for giving me such wonderful kids, even through the frustrating things each of them can do at all of their different ages. I must treasure each day that I get with them because time has flown by too fast already. It is hard for me to fathom what life will be like with these 3 in the next 5 years. But I look forward to getting to invest in each of them, and enjoy the mess out of all 3 kids.

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Potty Training

Potty Training
We are now in week 2 of potty training with Kylee. I have to be honest in saying that last Monday when this all started I wasn’t all that excited that we were starting on my day with Kylee. But part of it was out of my control. She made the decision on the day after we got back from Colorado that she wanted to wear underwear and not a pull up. So obviously since she was ready, I had to be ready.

Day one she did quite well, except for an accident that was my fault. I put her down for a nap without a pull up. The 2nd accident was later in the day and it had been awhile since we had gone. The rest of the time we did a decent job, but it definitely felt like I was the one always asking if she needed to go. It had been so long since we had done this whole potty training thing that I had forgotten that the first couple of days was more of reminding her that she might need to go potty.

Fast forward to the rest of the week and she begins telling us that she needs to go. There have been a few times when she tells us, but she has already gone. But in reality those were very few incidents. The weekend went quite well with her coming to us more and more.

So as we begin week 2, I am far more optimistic as I have seen quite a bit of progress made. Even starting out today was great. She has done it all and just as she finished the week, you can see the excitement in her with going and using the potty.

I must admit, now that we have made great strides it has been really good to not have to deal with diapers. (other than nap and night-night) I know we will look forward to not spending as much money on buying diapers.

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I Love You ________

Kylee has really started putting together little sentences. Halee has been working on getting her to say

“I love you Halee”
So Kylee has started saying several little phrases like that over the past couple of days.

Today as she and I were getting ready to leave for work, she looked back at Bentley and said,

“Bye, Bye Bentley”, she paused then said, “You want a hug” (with her arms open wide)
She went over to Bentley and gave him a hug and said,
“Bye, Bye Bentley, see you later”

It is too cute to see her start to put these little words and phrases together. She is getting better at pronunciation although there are still a few things that she says and I don’t have a clue, but it is clear that she is trying to tell you something.

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